Star Student of 2014: Carrie Kittleson

Globe University-Woodbury has elected Carrie Kittleson, a medical assisting student, as our Star Student of the Year!

Along with being an outstanding student, Carrie is a student worker on campus and in her free time she volunteers with her family.

“It was surprising to be elected as Star Student of the Year,” said Carrie. “It is also very encouraging. It actually came at a time in my life where I was having difficulties seeing my own self-worth. It was a needed encouragement after facing some recent discouraging words.”

She said the award renewed her courage.

It made her realize that it wasn’t an accomplishment that she could earn outright; it was not a position she was trying to win. It was based on votes, and the people voted for her because of her work ethic and passion.

“I thought about naming the people here who have made an impact on me. Then my list got really long and I got nervous that I might have missed someone because sometimes it’s the small comment or the smile from someone I connected with once that makes a big difference. Therefore, to all of you who make my life more positive, you know who you are. Thank you,” said Carrie.

Carrie’s advice:

“If I could give any advice to a current or prospective student, it would be to go for what you are passionate about. And if you are afraid, do it afraid.”

Carrie chose the medical assisting program because she has a passion and interest in the medical field.

However, the real motivation to go back to school was her children. She wanted to find a career that held her interest while also being flexible enough to allow her to attend her children’s sporting events and cheer them on.

She said the small class sizes—along with being able to practice her skills in a hands-on environment—allows her to get her questions answered and sharpen her technique. Carrie added that the small classes enable students to get to know and depend on one another.

“Overall, What I like the most about Globe University is that they encourage actual relationships between people that are extending beyond class time,” said Carrie.

We’re proud of Carrie and her accomplishments.

“I’m thrilled Carrie was selected as the Star Student of the Year. Carrie is a pure joy to have on campus,” said Kelley Aliffi, dean of students at Globe University-Woodbury. “She is always welcoming new tasks with a smile and can-do attitude. Her work ethic and dedication is truly something to admire.”