Using LinkedIn for Your Career in the Medical Industry

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that is worth the investment of your time and energy. If you plan on working in the medical industry as a medical assistant or in nursing, not only can LinkedIn provide you plenty for job leads, it can help you brand yourself and connect with other professionals.

We’ll share five different strategies you can use LinkedIn to better enhance job prospects and bigstock-LinkedIn-Login-page-on-Apple-i-67994101editednetworking opportunities.

  1. Join medical related groups that are suited for your career.Medical Assistants United
  2. Follow companies and organizations like local hospitals, clinics and professional organizations. Think about specific specialties areas you might want to work in and search for related groups or companies. For example, if you want to work in a pediatric setting you can search to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics on LinkedIn.
  3. Showcase your professional skills on LinkedIn.
    1. These could include things like:
      • billing and coding
      • vital signs
      • EKG
      • healthcare
      • blood pressure
      • HIPAA
      • Family medicine
      • Medical billing
    2. Follow medical industry influencers, search for those with similar titles who have experience and produce articles.
    3. Read articles for your own professional development. A few examples:
      1. How does self-image affect the Medical Assistant?
      2. You Are More Than “Just a Medical Assistant”
      3. Combating the emerging challenges in Nursing

By connecting and sharing content on LinkedIn, you can grow and learn about your industry!