What’s Next? Medical Assistant Student Closes a Chapter, Opens Doors

medical assistant programAs graduation approaches, many college students are starting to feel the relief and excitement of completing this chapter in their life. Cathy Dedie, a medical assistant student, is one of those students who has completed her journey with Globe University-Madison East and is enjoying that feeling of relief and excitement.

Cathy chose the medical assistant program due to her interest in the healthcare field. Prior to coming to Globe University, she was certified and had worked as a pharmacy technician. This experience opened the door to the vast world of healthcare for her and has led her to expand her horizons.

She encourages prospective students that have an interest in healthcare to check out the medical assistant program because, “students can find jobs in different areas of healthcare and have a higher possibility of getting a job because of that,” Cathy says.

Coming back to college wasn’t an easy thing to do. Cathy knew that school was going to be a lot of work and wasn’t surprised by the intensity of the classes. She was pleasantly surprised, however, by the amount of staff support that she received.

“I received more support from the staff than I ever thought I was going to,” Cathy says. “The open lab times were amazing and there was easy access to the staff. There was always someone here to answer questions.”

Cathy also said that she was surprised with herself. She said that she was not very confident in herself when she started classes.  As the classes progressed, so did her confidence!

As exciting and rewarding as finishing her degree is, Cathy states that the most rewarding thing she received from her experience at Globe University was the new friends that she made and learning a whole new set of skills.

As Cathy closes the chapter on this portion of her journey, another one is opening. Cathy plans on continuing her education.  She is considering going on to become a nurse by completing a bachelor’s degree in nursing or completing a bachelor’s degree in Health Fitness specialty.

Written by Kara Guglielmo, Medical Assistant Program Chair, Globe University-Madison East