4 Reasons to Groove Your Body Into Health

Everyone seems to have a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle and it can be difficult to find time to add another thing during the day – especially exercise.  But is it really an excuse to not exercise? 

Globe University-Minneapolis is groovin'!

The staff at Globe University in Minneapolis once again came up with creative ways to engage with students and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Recently, we followed in the steps of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota through a student initiative called “Grove Your Body!”

We have all seen the funny Blue Cross and Blue Shield commercials with people dancing as a way to encourage exercise, right?  The student commons at Globe University recently looked like one of those commercials.  The staff and students put on some good “groove your body” tunes and danced away.  The point was that we don’t have to spend hours every day to improve our health.  The good news is being active for 10 – 15 minutes at a time can improve your health. 

Through the “Groove Your Body” Initiative we also promoted 4 benefits of grooving your body to better health:

1.     Exercise controls weight:  Of course this has to be combined with healthy eating as well; however, it is proven that being active helps to control our weight.

2.     Exercise fights health conditions and diseases: We hear about heart disease way too often and much of this can be prevented through exercise.

3.     Exercise helps our mood: Being active helps us clear our minds and relieve stress, which can have many of us feeling down, so give your mood a lift and exercise.

4.     Exercise increases your energy: The more active you are the more energy you will have – it’s simple.  We have heard the saying, “A body in motion stays in motion.” The more activity the more energy we will have.

 Academic Coordinator, Heather Warnecke, said, “It’s so fun to engage with our students and this was one of the more fun activities we have done on campus!”

 It’s a good thing when anyone calls exercise, “Fun!”  So get out of your seat and groove your body!


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