5 Tips for the Perfect Grilled Cheese!

Globe University

Alex & Scott (Admissions) making grilled cheese sandwiches

Last month we told you 4 Reasons to Eat Pancake but this month we filled the campus at Globe University in Minneapolis with an even better smell – grilled cheese sandwiches!

Imagine trying to focus in class (or anywhere for that matter) while smelling the sweet buttery scent of melted cheese between two grilled pieces of bread!  The admissions team on campus is always looking for creative and fun ways to serve and engage with students, and this month grilled cheese sandwiches became the hit!

Each staff member on campus took turns serving grilled cheeses to students.  It became a bit of a competition to see who the students thought made the best grilled cheese.  It also became a time to hear what students had to say about the perfect grilled cheese.

Here are 5 tips for that perfect grilled cheese as advised by students:

  1. Butter Both Sides – Student Bill Cloak says, “It’s important to not be stingy on the butter.  Butter both sides and make sure there is a lot of it.” (I don’t think Bill is studying to be a Doctor).
  2. Size Matters – “No one likes a grilled cheese that is overpowered by thick bread.  Be sure to use standard sandwich bread,” says student Martese Childress.
  3. Griddle Is Best – Christopher Hvinden says, “You have to make sure you use a non-stick skillet or better yet, a traditional cast-iron skillet – and it’s gotta be hot!”
  4. Cheese is Key – The type of cheese used for grilled cheese sandwiches is key.  Liezel Perez, student on campus, says, “Kraft cheese made specifically for grilled cheeses are best and that it should ooze out.”  (I couldn’t agree more with her tip!)
  5. Make it Crispy – “The bread has to be crispy – just perfect.  Not burned or undercooked but nice and crispy,” says student Elaine. I was scolded by Elaine for throwing the ends of the bread into the trash!  Elaine says that, “The ends of the loaf of bread make the best grilled cheeses!”  I have a whole new appreciation and respect for the ends of the loaf – thanks Elaine!

    Globe University

    Angela & Jerry serving

Now that you are all hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich, we think our advice from the students will make your experience a bit more buttery and crisp!

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