6 Ways Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

When looking for a career most of us wouldn’t think of going to a volunteer fair.  When we think of a volunteer fair, we think of just that—volunteering!  The next question is probably, “How can volunteering help me in my career?”

Volunteer Fair, Globe University

Michelle Block and her Global Citizenship class

Because Globe University in downtown Minneapolis is committed to successful careers, we hosted a volunteer fair to connect students and the community with local nonprofits that are in need of volunteers.

The Volunteer Fair was held as a part of our day of service which all campuses participate in.  The fair was orchestrated by the faculty and staff of Globe University; however, Michelle Block’s Global Citizenship class took a strong lead in marketing the event to the community.

The volunteer fair was held in the heart of the business center at the IDS Crystal Court downtown Minneapolis—just outside the doors of our Minneapolis campus.  It was a prime location as thousands of hustling and bustling business professionals were running to and from their lunch meetings on a Friday afternoon. 

Some of the nonprofits represented were The Whole Learning School, Avenues for Homeless Youth and OXFAM America just to name a few.  Every nonprofit received a lift in volunteers from the volunteer fair.

Volunteer Fair, Globe UniversityAnother unique aspect of the Volunteer Fair was the two seminars that were taught by Tom Stoltz, business program chair, and Elaine Vandenburgh, director of career services. Tom’s seminar focused on small business and social responsibility.  Elaine’s seminar gave the audience six ways volunteering can boost your career.  If you missed her fantastic session, here are the 6 reasons why volunteering could boost your career:

  1. You can explore new career fields – If you are looking for an industry change or career change, volunteer at the organization you are interested in.
  2. Gain new skills or refine the skills you already have – Soft skills, technical skills, attitude change.
  3. Expand your network – You are 10-50 times more likely to be hired if you have an employee connection.
  4. Gain experience in your career field – 41 percent of employers said they consider volunteer work just as valuable as paid work.
  5. Get references and recommendations – 80 percent of employers conduct reference checks
  6. Ace interviews – Volunteering helps us becoming more comfortable, which helps in interviews, especially if you are interviewing for the nonprofit you are a volunteer for.

Michelle Block, instructor of the Global Citizenship class, said, “This Volunteer Fair was a huge success for everyone involved!” 

Volunteer Fair, Globe University
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