Angie Norbeck Receives Faculty Member of the Year Award

By Tom Stoltz, business program faculty

Angie Norbeck, Minneapolis 2014 Faculty Member of the Year.

Angie Norbeck, Minneapolis 2014 Faculty Member of the Year.

Globe University-Minneapolis Business Management Program Chair, Angie Norbeck, thrives on sharing the experiences she has accumulated in the retail industry and through lifelong learning. Her enthusiasm and dedication has led to Angie receiving Faculty Member of the Year for 2014.

Ms. Norbeck, who has an undergraduate degree in business from Metropolitan State University and master’s degrees from Capella University and Augsburg College, loves giving back to her students. “I enjoy watching students grow throughout their programs and celebrating with them at the finish line, graduation,” Angie said.

Her care and concern for her students is well respected and recognized by others at Globe University-Minneapolis. “Angie has a unique style in the classroom that embraces technology and continuously engages our students,” said Christine Storms, director of education at the campus. “She consistently has positive feedback on her evaluations from students and is innovative with her applied learning projects.”

In addition to teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses at the Minneapolis campus, Angie provides leadership and guidance to students, helping them schedule classes, advising them on which courses to take, and assisting the graduate program administrator.

During her time away from her campus duties, Angie takes great enjoyment in cooking and creating craft projects. She is also a Pinterest fanatic and says that the app is one of her major distractions. Angie also enjoys going to dinner with her son who is in his senior year of high school.