Apples to Apples!

Globe University-MinneapolisIf the pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches weren’t enough, Globe University in Minneapolis now has brought out the Big Apples!

We aren’t talking about apples in the literal sense, but rather the game of hilarious comparisons – Apples to Apples.  Our Service Learning Coordinator and Instructor, Michelle Block, (aka Campus Cheerleader) wanted to bring our students together for a fun time of community and learning.  After all, we are a close-knit campus community – that’s something that makes our campus unique.

If you have ever played the game Apples to Apples you know how hilarious it is.  The object of the game is to take a red card (noun/thing) from your hand of cards and play ones that the Judge in each round picks as the most fitting or entertaining match for the Green (adjective/characteristic) card for the round. The first player to get their red cards picked by the Judge wins the game.

Globe University-MinneapolisFor instance, when I played in a round with the students, the green card (adjective) in the center of the table was “spicy.”  I looked at my seven red cards (noun/thing) and thought, “Hmmmm, which of my cards most identifies with spicy?”  I chose “The IRS.”  Of course my card didn’t get picked by the judge because I am not sure that we would consider the IRS as spicy!

Student Liezel Perez said, “This was so fun and it’s so cool to be so connected with my teachers.”

Michelle Block said, “I love this game because it is more than just a game; it is also about learning as well.”

It’s simple ways like playing a game that bring our students and teachers together – we truly have a great community on our campus, which ultimately just enhances our students’ educational experience.

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