Appy Hour, Anyone?

Globe University in Minneapolis is leading the way with integrating the iPad® into all classrooms for every student.  We’ve been blogging on the initiative (here and here), which is making some huge educational enhancements to the way students learn.

We have been talking a lot about the students’ experience, but there are a lot of great experiences happening with the instructors, too. Our Dean of Education, Christine Storms, has implemented a very creative way to get instructors excited about using the iPad—it is called “Appy Hour.” 

The name “Appy Hour” got my attention because I thought it was an invitation to a Happy Hour!  I wanted to learn more about Appy Hour and how it works, so I asked Christine to give me the inside information.  Here is our conversation (not to be confused with Happy Hour):

What is Appy Hour?

Appy hour is a way for instructors to collaborate and learn more on the uses of technology, specifically the iPad in the classroom.

What has been your experience with the iPad on campus?

The use of this technology on campus has been very well received.  It is clearly transforming the way we are delivering content, engaging the students, and the overall education our students are receiving.

Is every teacher required to teach using the iPad?

The instructors are asked to incorporate the iPad in some way into the classroom experience.  Each instructor is utilizing this technology in a variety of ways.

Do you think the iPad initiative on the Minneapolis campus is giving the campus a competitive edge over other universities?

Being the first higher education institution in our region to utilize and embrace this form of technology, we are giving our students the competitive edge.

 What are some of your favorite apps?

Some of my favorite apps for the classroom are Socrative, Evernote, and LinkedIn.

What apps do teachers use to teach in the classroom?

The instructors are experimenting with all kinds of apps in the classroom, including Socrative, Nearpod, Haiku Deck, MathPro, Khan Academy.

What have been some of the challenges with the launch of the iPad?

As with any large-scale project, we have had our challenges, but they were easily overcome.  One of the initial challenges was making the connection for the students.  Having them understand the benefit to them and how they would be utilized in the classroom and beyond.  Some of our students who decided to opt out of the program quickly changed their mind and are now some of our super users on campus.

What are students saying about the iPad on campus?

The students love the iPad.  The learning curve in some cases has been a challenge, but overall it is has been very well received.  They are embracing it and even telling their instructors about apps they have found!

What are the teachers saying about Appy Hour?  Do most already know how to use the iPad and download apps?

At this point most instructors know how to use the iPad and download the apps.  Appy Hour is great time for the instructors to get together, collaborate and share information.  We choose specific apps to explore in more detail and how they can be beneficial in the classroom.

Where do you envision the iPad initiative going in the future with regards to the Minneapolis campus?

I think that the future of the iPad on the Minneapolis campus has really yet to be determined.  I don’t think we have seen the full potential of this technology and how it will really impact our students.  I think it will give them an edge in the marketplace after graduation and expand their knowledge of technology.  For the instructors, it truly is changing the way we teach.  I think we will see more flipped classrooms, more student engagement, and a transformation of instructors becoming more facilitators in the classroom.  It will be exciting to watch!

If you want to be a part of this exciting initiative that has your educational needs front and center, you can learn more about Globe University in Minneapolis by contacting college admissions or call us at 1.877.303.6060.