Barb’s continued journey with the Minneapolis Police Reserves

During Early Fall Quarter, we blogged about Criminal Justice student Barb Bazoff’s journey with the Minneapolis Police Reserves and detailed her experience with the journey.  We are pleased to announce that a lot of positive things have happened for Barb since August 1st when we originally showcased her story. Because of Barb’s tireless dedication to providing service as a Minneapolis Police Reserve, she has had the opportunity to be involved in some very exciting events and assignments.

When President Obama was in town, Barb was given the opportunity to be a part of the security detail for his visit. “Seeing his plane and the motor brigade was awesome,” Barb said. She was also assigned to work security detail for Eleanor Mondale’s funeral. With these opportunities come big responsibility, but Barb takes it all in and works her hardest to succeed in all areas of her life. “Despite a heavy school load of 5 classes last quarter I was able to still maintain my high GPA and perfect attendance,” Barb said. “And I worked full-time and took part of the reserves.”

Because of her hard work, loyalty and perseverance, Barb has already acquired a new title. She has been promoted to “Corporal” after only seven months as a reserve.

We are so proud of what you are doing as a student and as a community member in Minneapolis. Keep up the great work!