Business Student and Family Spread Hope Through Non-Profit Organization

Globe University Minneapolis student Desmond Adade

Desmond Adade, an international student enrolled in the Globe University—IDS Business Program, as a vision: he wants to place orphaned children from Ghana in high school and college.

Why the emphasis on orphans? Desmond explains that recent political unrest and war have increased the number of orphans in Ghana. And, despite some government assistance, these orphans are unable to access educational opportunities beyond middle school—if they are even that lucky.

“Many of the orphans are brilliant,” exclaims Desmond. “They are sincere, hardworking, and committed to excellence, yet they do not have the chance to attend university; they end up living in the streets.” J-Care is a shortened version of Jesus Care Foundation.

To push his vision, which is both magnanimous and daunting, Desmond has joined with his immediate family—his mother and father primarily—to establish the J-Care Foundation. J-Care is a non-profit organization created to provide hope and encouragement to needy children, especially children who are orphaned but academically gifted and in need of support in education. The non-profit foundation seeks funding for and direct sponsorship of orphaned children for the purpose of finishing high school and then attending college.

“Education is crucial to a meaningful and productive live,” explains Desmond. “Why should Ghana’s orphans be denied these gifts just because they are victims of civil war?”

Desmond’s immediate goal is to spread the word about J-Care in the Twin Cities area in an effort to seek funding and sponsorships. As of now, however, J-Care is exclusively funded by financial and material contributions from the founders. The foundation is appealing for funds from benevolent individuals, religious bodies, corporate organizations, institutions, governmental agencies, civil societies, and international donors.

And, as Desmond states: “With your help we can make the world a better place for our children.”