First Place Poetry!

Shaniece (left) & BarbaraJean (right) show the Creative Quill Publication

 Poetry takes on a whole new emotion and meaning when read aloud and that is exactly what two students at Globe University – Minneapolis did! 

Poetry is something we feel from the soul.  The words of poetry are written to inspire and bring out the emotion in each of us.  Some write poetry as a way to deal with a hurtful past or bring an issue to light such as discrimination or abuse. 

At Globe University–Minneapolis we have two exceptional students who bring poetry to a whole new level.  BarbaraJean Bazoff and Shaniece Pink are part of a group called Creative Quill.  Creative Quill, led by Writing Center Assistant and Adjunct Professor Ico Ahyicodae, is a student publication featuring literary works by students from across all the Minnesota School of Business and Globe University campuses. The Creative Quill is an annual publication that accepts submissions of poetry, essays, stories, and plays during the fall quarter.

The beauty of the Quill is that it showcases the extraordinary creativity and talent of our students.  Each year, a panel of judges pick top winners in each category for prizes, and BarbaraJean Bazoff, majoring in Criminal Justice, had the distinction of receiving 1st place in Poetry this year for her piece, “The Winter Snow Falls Softly.”  She was competing against poets on all the Minnesota of Business and Globe University campuses, so it’s really a great honor to be chosen!  

Shaniece, who is majoring in Business Administration at Globe University-Minneapolis, says, “I always loved writing poetry and it has always complemented my passion for music.  It’s all about freedom to self express.”

Ico introduces BarbaraJean before she reads her poetry

Campus Librarian, Sarah Rogers, says, “I’m always inspired when I see the new Creative Quill entries each year. Only one thing beats seeing a student witness their name in print for the first time – and that’s hearing them read to an audience. The Creative Quill can be a stepping stone to even bigger successes.”

Everyone at Globe University–Minneapolis is so proud of BarbaraJean and Shaniece!  To watch their videos go to our Facebook page at Globe University – Minneapolis!