Follow-up: Clayton’s journey with PBS & other exciting opportunities

Awhile back, we blogged about Criminal Justice student Clayton Roberts and his journey with interviewing with PBS about his volunteer experience with the “GLBT Host Home Program.”

Since then, the segment has been filmed and Clayton is excited to announce when it will air; he is hoping that it will air this Friday, September 16 during the “Need to Know” portion of PBS’ programming. Clayton describes his journey as “exciting” and he can hardly contain how thrilled he is about the potential other opportunities that have surfaced due to this exposure.

Between the time PBS filmed Clayton’s segment and now, Clayton was also approached by 5Eyewitness News for a separate interview. Clayton completed that interview and is anxiously awaiting an update as to when that segment will air. He has also been contacted by the “It Gets Better” campaign to travel to Seattle, Washington and participate in some events with that program.

Again, we couldn’t be more proud of Clayton and we will continue to follow his amazing journey.