From India to Minnesota: One Student’s Journey to a DBA

When we think about anything we have accomplished in life, there is usually someone that has helped us along the way. Maybe it was a neighbor who believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself. It could have been a family member who helped you financially. There is often someone in our corner pushing us to achieve our dreams in some way.

I recently interviewed an MBA program graduate from Globe University-Minneapolis, Mona Gajjar, who gave her late father the credit for her decision to achieve her dreams at Globe University. She is currently working towards her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at Globe University in Minneapolis. Read her inspiring journey and her powerful testament to her education here at Globe University-Minneapolis.

Master of Business Administration program MBA

DBA student Mona Gajjar

Tell us about your journey before you came to Globe University.

I am from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting. I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2000 and my Post Graduate in 2002. I started thinking about studying abroad when I was a child. I was originally attracted to Australia or New Zealand for college. My father, who is my hero, is the person in my life who always inspired me to try new things. He is my strength and support for my success and education. My whole family believes that education is the key to success in life. Education is the priority in my life and family.

My journey to higher education started in 2003. I was the first person in my family who went to a foreign country for college. I attended Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), in Melbourne, Australia. It was my first step toward a new life, and it was one of the greatest experiences in my life. It is not easy to be away from family for years, but I wanted to achieve something, which is why I did it.

I learned so many things from my experience. I learned a different culture, lifestyle, education system, and practical and theoretical systems in education.

In September 2007, I lost my father. I went back to India in November of 2007 because my family needed me at that time.

What made you choose Globe University?

I was in India from 2007 to 2009. Those years were very hard for me. The USA was a dream for my father. He thought that I should go to the USA for college because the USA has more prospects and a better higher education system. I started research about the USA education system. It was not easy to decide what field of study I should pick. My father always wanted me to get an MBA because he thought that I had good management skills. So, from there I decided that I want to get my MBA in the USA. I did so much research for different universities and institutes. It was very hard to decide which college is best for the MBA program. I went to a campus agency in Ahmedabad, India, and they gave me options for different colleges. They informed me about Globe University in Minneapolis, MN.

I think this was the first time I heard about Minnesota and Globe University. I started researching again about Globe and Minnesota. I decided to apply. I was admitted and received my visa in 2009. That was the year my father’s dream for the USA came true. I started my MBA program at Globe in September of 2009.

What is your degree and when did you complete it?

I completed my MBA at Globe University in 2011. It was a great journey from start to end. There are so many things I learned during my MBA studies. All of the faculty and staff were helpful and supportive about any questions I had about anything. It was just the start of my new life and a new era of education for me because my MBA was the greatest experience of my whole life. I learned a lot in my MBA classes at Globe University.

After completing my MBA, I decided to start the DBA program at Globe. My father was one of the best lecturers in Gujarat, India for chemistry. My whole family works in the education field. When I began the DBA program, I never thought I’d become so interested in the education system. The MBA and DBA at Globe helped me see my vision and mission in life. I credit Globe University for my growth and development related to my subject and experience. There are great staff, facilities and experts at Globe.

What is your advice to others students who are considering an MBA or DBA at Globe University?

  • Think about a better future and higher education with supportive faculty, staff and traditional education system with new technology
  • Watch your growth and development after each step
  • Look at your dream first in its entirety so that you will achieve your dream

The Master of Business Administration degree program is offered online and at our downtown Minneapolis campus. For more information, call 1.877.303.6060.