Globe University MBA Graduate Officially ‘Excellent’

Tim Elkin, recent MBA graduate and new recipient of Globe University-Minneapolis‘ Director’s Award For Excellence, shared his motivation to earn his MBA at Minneapolis.

Director's Award for Excellence winner Tim Elkin, MBA.

Director’s Award for Excellence winner Tim Elkin, MBA.

When Tim made the decision to complete an MBA degree, he said he considered location, cost, length of program and graduation rates. He visited various institutions in the Twin Cities area but had a very positive experience with the admissions team at Globe Minneapolis.

One of the most challenging, yet gratifying, elements I learned during the MBA program was acknowledging the time I needed to allocate for course work,” Tim advised all new students in a graduate program to learn how to manage their time effectively. “The experience really stretched my time management skills and, ultimately, advanced my organizational skills.”

Tim also recommends to new students to schedule 30 to 60 minutes a day to work on assignments, forums and reading to even out the workload over each week.

As Tim celebrates the completion of his master’s degree and receipt of the Director’s Award, he is finding time management has become even more important as he adapts to his new career with a prominent construction company in Wisconsin.

“My experience developing a business plan at the end of the MBA program was another challenging yet very beneficial opportunity to develop new skills and perspectives,” Tim said.

Watching Tim complete the final step in his program and create a viable plan was truly a pleasure,” said Adam Spees, Tim’s business plan course instructor. “It is rewarding to know that Tim has created a solid personal and business plan as he begins the next phase of his life.”

Written by Angie Norbeck, Dean of Education.