Globe University-Minneapolis Hosts Professional Development Series

Each Friday during the month of March, professionals from the downtown area met at Globe University-Minneapolis to participate in a four-part lunch and learn series. These professional development sessions included topics such as: IT Security–What you can you do!, Ban the Box: “Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? □ Y □ N,” Preventing and Managing Workplace Conflict, and Appreciating Cultural Diversity. The sessions were led by programmatic faculty along with professionals in the field.

The Sessions

globe university

Lunch and learn hosted by Globe University-Minneapolis

Eddie Nestingen, IT program chair, led the first session regarding IT security. His session focused on network safety for personal and business use.

He emphasized the importance of safeguarding passwords and the potential consequences of under-protected networks.

Participants were provided with methods to increase their security and create strong protection against cyber attacks. Eddie stated, “IT security starts with the user—if an individual does not utilize recommended or required safeguards, a company’s network can be compromised.”

The second session was hosted by Adam Spees, paralegal program chair and led by Emily Baxter and Joshua Esmay of the Council on Crime and Justice. This session was entitled “Ban the Box.” This session focused on new legislation requiring employers to refrain from asking questions regarding the criminal history of a candidate until they are ready to extend an offer for interview. The collateral consequences of individuals with criminal backgrounds were also discussed in detail.

Tom Stoltz, business program chair and Carolein Moors of HardTalk Biz Coaching, led a session on the topic of workplace conflict. Tom and Carolein discussed the importance of communication for managers, specifically discussing methods for working with conflicting and disrespectful behavior in the workplace.

“Getting to know your employees and what motivates them can be a great way to prevent workplace conflict,” Carolein stated. Participants were left with takeaways and methods to immediately incorporate within their specific industries.

The final session of the series was led by Emily Little, criminal justice program chair. This session focused on cultural competency and diversity in the workplace. An overview of topics related to workplace diversity was provided as well as the larger framework of our diverse society and the impact on individuals and employers.

The lunch and learn series provided the opportunity for employers of downtown Minneapolis to come together to discuss issues and methods to create strong, efficient work environments for their employees. Participants were also presented with information regarding Globe University’s Business Alliance Partnership Program, which can provide discounted tuition to eligible employees.

Stay tuned for the next round of sessions and events hosted by Globe University Minneapolis, and be sure to reserve your seat!

If you would like to learn more about professional development sessions or the Business Alliance Partnership, please contact Tom Stoltz at