Globe University-Minneapolis Launches New Business Alliance Partnership

By Tom Stoltz, lead business program instructor

Globe University business allianceIn the first of a series of training sessions for new business partner ABM, Globe University-Minneapolis conducted a 90-minute training session for 60 ABM supervisors at their Northeast Minneapolis regional headquarters.

The training focused on solving problems in the workplace and eliminating conflict that can arises between managers and employees. Presenters, Dr. Robert Karmarczuk, lead graduate program instructor and Tom Stoltz, lead business program instructor, provided the group with a variety of techniques to help deal with issues such as communication errors, attitude difficulties, and customer service needs.

“Proficient supervisors realize that problem solving is a skill that needs tuning up from time to time because it’s an important part of their jobs,” Dr. Karmarczuk said. “They also know that there are basic steps in solving interpersonal conflicts, but that not all problems are resolved in the same way.”

A large portion of the session was spent in a lively team exercise in which ABM supervisors brainstormed a problem and arrived at possible solutions. Each group presented their solutions which provided excellent insights on real world issues.

“I thought the training was wonderful. The general feedback was that they want more,” Suzanne Wheeler, Regional Director of Operations for ABM, said.

Business Alliance partnerships are a way in which businesses can benefit from free onsite training sessions and also provide a tuition discount to their employees through Globe University.

About ABM

ABM (NYSE: ABM) is a leading provider of facility solutions with revenues of $4.8 billion and over 100,000 employees in 350+ offices deployed throughout the United States and various international locations.