Globe University – Minneapolis Welcomes Alumni

Written by Jerry Hughes

This winter in Minnesota has been a season that we are ready to be over with! The cold and snow really took a toll on each of us, and I am sure we are all looking forward to a new season of growth.

Speaking of growth—22 graduates from Globe University-Minneapolis recently entered into a new season. Each of them marked one of the most memorable moments in their life—they graduated.

Any of us who have graduated know how wonderful and accomplished it feels to receive that diploma and walk across to the “other side.” Getting that diploma came with many years and late nights of dedication and commitment to a goal. It came with sacrifice, and it is well worth it.

I have blogged on many graduations, and the one thing that I hear over and over from students who graduate from Globe University-Minneapolis is that they love their professors who took the time to not only educate them with the best education but took the time to care about them as students.

Globe University-Minneapolis takes pride in their students and their future—we don’t say, “Successful Futures Begin Here” for no reason—we actually mean it, and we prove it in the success rates of placing our graduates.

The keynote speaker of the graduation ceremony was Scott Plum who is the President of the Minnesota Sales Institute. He talked about being accountable in our lives and in our futures—accountability is a big part of living a successful life, and Scott’s message radiated onto the graduates.

There were two outstanding student speakers as well—Krishna Gurram, who received a Master of Science in Management, as well as Jessica Spanswick, who received a Master of Business Administration. Both students, now graduates, have been outstanding leaders and have amazing futures ahead of them with their degree from Globe University.