In Depth and Personal with the iPad – From A Student’s Perspective

Globe University-Minneapolis is leading the way with the integration of iPad® for every student. We have blogged on the initiative, which is making huge educational enhancements to the way our students learn.

I wanted to find out what students were saying about this new program—after all, this addition is meant to optimize their education.  I interviewed Nancy Charlton who is one of the students at Globe University-Minneapolis to find out what she thinks about the new iPad:

Nancy Charlton, iPad in Education, Globe University-MinneapolisWhat is your major and how does the iPad help you achieve your educational goals at Globe University?

Nancy: I am majoring in Business Management with an emphasis in Hospitality Management. I have worked in hotel management for about six years and I feel the iPad will contribute to keeping me informed on the latest information in the hotel business. Students can easily access apps such as LinkedIn for business connections, Hotel Management HD for targeted technology and development news, and Protel for hotel management accessibility. There are also features that help the student stay on track with task lists, appointment reminders, calendars, etc.

Do you find it easier to get your assignments done with the iPad?

Nancy: Yes, very much so. We can access the Internet right on our iPads without having to bring our heavy laptops  to class or make a trip to the computer lab. We can also check our email a lot easier in case our instructors need to contact us for any last minute updates.

How have you utilized the iPad in the classroom?

Nancy: We have added and utilized numerous apps right from our classrooms. The instructor can have us look up articles and other information online and then the students can submit their responses within minutes. There are also apps where we can register to watch a PowerPoint presentation or video that the instructor has set aside for us. It has taken many of us a little time to get used to how the iPad works with all the apps included. With time and daily usage, we will all become more knowledgeable of how to use it in the most resourceful way.

What do your peers, outside of Globe University, have to say about your iPad experience in the classroom?

Nancy: I have already had friends outside of school say they want to come to school at Globe University-Minneapolis because of the iPad. Many people now want to take classes here because they want to be up-to-date on the latest technology. Globe University has become the first school in Minnesota to offer the iPads and everyone has taken an interest.
Nancy Charlton, iPad initiative, Globe University-MinneapolisDo you think using the iPad takes away the personal connection you have with your instructor or does it enhance the relationship?

Nancy: I don’t feel it takes away the personal connection. In most cases, the students are following along with the instructor, taking notes, or adding new and useful apps. We also don’t use them throughout the entire class, only when we need them.

Do you feel more connected with other students in your classes by using the iPad or does it take away from interactions?

Nancy: At the present time, I feel students are much more connected because we are all figuring out how to use iPad and swapping newly discovered information. Our generation has adapted well to multi-tasking and I feel it won’t be much different than using our smartphones.

From your experience, do you feel that our campus is allowing you to have an advantage in your career through the iPad experience?

Nancy: Yes. I’m sure most, if not all schools, will be offering the iPad in the future. Students at Globe University have a head start and others will see that.


If you want to be a part of this exciting initiative that has your educational needs front and center, you can learn more about Globe University-Minneapolis by contacting college admissions or call us at 1.877.303.6060.