Introducing Tiered Tuition

Tuition decreases credits that students can register for.

Globe University is proud to present our new Tiered Tuition. What does Tiered Tuition mean? Tiered Tuition is an option for students to register for more than 11 credits and finish their degree while decreasing the tuition per credit hour. Our campus recognizes how career-oriented our students are and that every educational goal and investment is of top priority.

Tuition cost is based on the operating expenses of our programs and schools. Unfortunately, they continue to rise, leaving Globe University in a position to raise the tuition to $460 per credit. Nevertheless, if a student takes 11 or more credits, all of their credits are billed at the $425 tier.

Studies show that students who take higher credit loads have higher persistence and completion rates. Globe University has dedicated our Financial Aid and Academic Staff to help our students plan early, build confidence and succeed long term.

Registration for Early Fall Quarter closed on June 1, 2012. If you have not yet registered, please contact the Dean of Students at the Minneapolis campus, Chasity Hendricks: to register now. Classes are getting full!