Is an EX-Offense Hindering Your Job Search? Are You Being Turned Down and You Think It’s Because of Your Past Offense? You MUST Read This.

Did you know that 80% of employers run background checks? Did you know that employers use active listening while interviewing to see how candidates answer questions about the gaps in their employment? Did you know that 50% of employers believe the validity of a background check even when some information has changed or shouldn’t be listed on the check?

HOLD ON…DON’T GIVE UP HOPE!!! There are things that you can and should be doing to overcome any of these hurdles such as:

– Contact The Council on Crime and Justice and work with attorneys in the fight for justice and fair employment equity for ex-offenders. They are an excellent resource when you need to work on your record, finding housing, etc.

– Work with your career services team and learn how to answer “the box” on the application and how to answer questions during an interview. From my personal research, employers do not want you to lie about your offense. What they want is for you to tell them about what you are doing to turn your life around and show evidence of an improved life, such as; providing documentation or your academic record.

– Pull your own background check! The cost is minimal and think of it as an investment. It’s better to know what is on your record and how it’s phrased than walking around with blinders on. Applications ask for different information to be answered in the box, such as; “a crime in the past 2-5 years, a felony, etc…” How will you know how to answer it and if your records says one thing but you know it should be another, you will want to bring proof with you to justify the difference.

– Seek out non-profit agencies that help ex-offenders find jobs like Amicus and Emerge. They have done remarkable work in assisting individuals that have ex-offenses with jobs through their professional contacts and it’s always good to know other options.

In 2007, Governor Pawlenty implemented the fair hiring act for the State of Minnesota jobs which prohibits “the box” on the application. This allows for more applicants with ex-offenses to get through the employment process first before being judged. Check out jobs at:

Good Luck in your employment journey and know that Globe University/Minnesota School of Business is always looking out for your best interest.