Librarian Receives Staff Member of the Year Award

By Tom Stoltz, business program faculty member

Globe University

Amelia Cohoes, Staff Member of the Year in Minneapolis

Globe University-Minneapolis librarian, Amelia Cohoes, has a passion for her job which has led to her being popular among students, gaining respect from her coworkers, and receiving the honor of being designated Staff Member of the Year for 2014.

Amelia, who has worked at the Minneapolis campus for nearly two years, enjoys every aspect of her job, especially when it comes to helping students with a variety of needs including APA formatting, composition, and research. “I had a work-study job at the University of Minnesota library system where I received my undergraduate degree in art history. It was there helping students that I found my passion for helping students succeed.”

Her passion for seeing students flourish in their programs led Amelia to pursue her master’s degree in library information science at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. “Being a librarian is the perfect job for helping others,” said Amelia. “I thrive on the face-to-face interactions in the library and during my contact with students when I supplement classroom instruction with in-services.”

Globe University-Minneapolis Campus Director Jim Decker clearly recognizes the passion Amelia has for her position. “Over the past year, Amelia has really stepped forward in campus leadership and student services,” Jim said. “Not only is she is always available for students at the Minneapolis campus, but she is also the primary designated school officer (PDSO) for all GEN students who attend school on a Visa. She puts students first every day.”

In her spare time, Amelia enjoys reading, bicycling, and antique shopping. She also has a talent for baking and cooking as the Minneapolis campus employees can attest to during potluck luncheons and holiday treat events.