Mitch Wants to Admit You!

Globe University in Minneapolis recently welcomed a very talented director of admissions, Mitch Ward, to our campus leadership team.  Of course I wanted to know a bit more about Mitch, so I interviewed him to find out what makes him so equipped to be the Director of Admissions on campus.  

One thing I learned from Mitch is that he wants to admit you as a successful student into Globe University! Read our interview and be sure to reach out to Mitch:

Tell me about your career journey before your role as the director of admissions? 

Globe University-MinneapolisI started with Globe University on Jan. 4, 2010 as an admissions representative for Globe University-Online. I quickly moved up to a Team Lead in January 2011. Nine months later I became the associate director of admissions for Minnesota School of Business (MSB)-Online. Then, I took over Globe-Online to build up the campus, and the last advancement was when I became the director of admissions for the Minneapolis campus on July 24, 2013.

How do you plan to work with potential students to increase enrollment on the Minneapolis campus?

We have a lot to offer students at Globe University. For more than 125 years, we’ve provided hands-on career training to countless students. Our goal? To prepare students for a successful, rewarding career—not just a job. And equip students with the practical skills employers are looking for. 

That’s why we constantly strive to keep classes relevant and innovative.

One way we do this is through the Educational User Experience, our innovative and technologically focused adaptive learning model, transforming learning. Part of this transformation includes connecting students with the latest technology to make the classroom experience more interactive and engaging.

Our campus was one of the first three campuses to roll out this technology and our students have had success with this new learning model. Students are very excited to be able to use the state of the art resources that it brings. We have also been able to save costs for the students through e-Books. We are hoping to have 100 percent of our classes using e-Books by the fall quarter.

Our students learn with their very own iPad® and instructors utilize its technology in the classroom as well. We also offer a scholarship to pay for the iPad if a student meets the requirements.

We are very excited about the potential that this technology brings to our students!

What excites you most about this role?

I love being in front of the students and seeing what Globe University can do for them. I love walking around our campus and connecting with the students as well. We have great students at our campus!

What are some of the challenges that you will overcome in this role? 

With the team that I have under me and around me, I don’t foresee any challenges moving forward. My staff and the staff of the campus really care about our students and will do whatever we can to help them be successful.

Many students could possibly think that they are not able to afford college – what is your response to them?

Have you sat down with our Financial Aid team? Have you done the research on how much more money a college graduate makes in their lifetime vs. a non-college graduate? Can you afford to not go to college?

What are three reasons why a potential student should come to the Minneapolis campus?

Location, friendly and dedicated staff, and great learning outcomes.

How can potential students contact you?

 My direct office number is 612.455.3015 and my email address is

Tell us something about yourself that isnt related to your career – favorite food?  Movie?  

My favorite food would be “Pizza” and my favorite movie would be “Heat!” I love the action and suspense!

To learn more about Globe University in Minneapolis contact college admissions or call us at 1.877.303.6060.