Please welcome our newest member of the Minneapolis Admissions Team, Jessica Spanswick!

College is tough. And totally worth it.
By Guest Blogger and newest member of the Minneapolis Admissions team Jessica Spanswick

Minneapolis Campus Admissions Representative Jessica Spanswick

I always knew I would go to college. I can’t point to even one example of my parents explicitly telling me that I had to go on to further education: it was always implied.

Right out of high school I began my bachelor’s degree at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. I had no idea which career field was best, which major to choose, or where I wanted to be in five years. First semester I took general education classes and eventually declared my major as International Relations.

My three years at Augsburg allowed me to tour Eastern Europe with the Concert Band, study with the Zapatistas in Mexico, and live and travel through Southern Africa. It cost me all-nighters of writing long research papers, every ounce of energy to perform at my best, and thousands of dollars in loans. And it was worth every penny.

Having my bachelor’s degree gives me the confidence to go in to an interview room and know that I am qualified! Right out of college I did temp jobs around Minneapolis for a few months. I saved up enough money and then flew back to South Africa (SA) for a 3-month internship with a bicycle empowerment non-profit and an alternative currency group. After this internship, I was awarded the Center for Global Education’s internship in Namibia and SA. I spent the next year living and traveling through many countries: Namibia, SA, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Angola. I had the opportunity to be a Teacher’s Assistant for the Religion course, volunteer at a local feminist organization called Sister Namibia, and build up a professional, international network throughout the year.

After the most amazing year of my life, I came home to MN to find myself one of the thousands of college-educated unemployed. It took me three months of actively searching to land a job at a staffing agency.
Definitely not my dream job, but it was enough to pay the bills! Finally I saw the opening of Admissions Representative at Globe University, Minneapolis, and I knew it was the perfect fit! The diverse community, the quality education, and the uplifting work culture were all that I was looking for.

In this economy it’s important that we do everything in our power to set us apart, make us unique, and give us the leg-up when applying for jobs. For me, it was having my bachelor’s degree. College was tough. And it was totally worth it.