Pursuing a Career Just to Pay the Bills? You Decide.

Globe University-Minneapolis recently announced that Jessica Spanswick will assume the role as the Director of Career Services for the campus! I wanted everyone to get to know Jessica a little better and understand just how fortunate our campus is to have someone of her caliber. I sat down with Jessica and asked her some questions. Of course I asked her a question that we all ask concerning salary and I love her response!  The following is how our conversation unfolded.

Globe University-Minneapolis, Director of Career Services
Jerry: Tell me about your career journey before your role as the Director of Career Services?

Jessica: Prior to becoming the Director of Career Services for the Globe University-Minneapolis campus, I worked in Admissions for a little over a year. Prior to that, I worked in staffing and recruiting for a few months. Just before that, I worked in Namibia and South Africa for a study abroad program for a year.  In that role, I lived and traveled with undergraduate students. I also helped plan travel seminars and was a teacher’s assistant for courses.

Jerry: How do you plan to work with employers and students in order to make career matches that benefit everyone?

Jessica: My plan is to build relationships with our students at the Minneapolis campus and get to know their interests and skills!  By getting to know the students, I will learn about their career goals. With that information, I can help point them in the right direction to the best fitting career opportunities. I also look forward to networking with employers in the Twin Cities to better assist our graduates.

Jerry: What excites you most about this role?

Jessica: I am so excited to be in a student-focused role! My passion is in helping students meet their goals and ultimately bettering their lives. I cannot wait to get to know our students even better than I had in my other roles.

Jerry: Do you help students with their resumes and interview coaching? 

Jessica: Absolutely! My favorite part is being able to help students with resumes and interview coaching. In my staffing experience, I worked with job candidates and resumes all day. I met with employers to learn exactly what they were looking for and then prepped the best candidates for the positions. This experience will translate nicely to working with our students.

Jerry: It seems that our economy is improving; however, it still seems to be challenging.  With that being said, what is one thing that people seeking a career can do to land their dream job? Is there such a thing as a dream career or is it just about paying bills?

Jessica: Build connections. Volunteer in your field. Get to know your instructors. Landing that dream job in your specific career field is absolutely possible with hard work! Utilize your support system on campus in order to build up your resume before graduation.

Jerry: Regardless of employment status, it seems that everyone is trying to make more money.  What is your advice to all of us who want to make more money?

Jessica: Use your degree to your advantage! Throughout your student journey, you have access to the some of the best connections out there: your instructors! Get to know them and seek their advice. They have the industry experience that can help you land that higher paid job.

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