Registering early pays off!

Registration is upon us, and even though we are just about halfway through Fall Quarter 2011, it’s time to start thinking about Winter Quarter 2012 classes. We understand that registration for the next quarter comes at midterm time and that students are busy focusing on their current classes. That can make it difficult to plan for future quarters, but we want to share some reasons with you why registering early benefits you as a student.

When registration rolls around, it’s a great time to meet with your Program Chair and/or a member of the Education Department to go over your sequence sheet and ensure that you are completing all the necessary courses you need to graduate. By tracking your remaining classes each quarter, you give yourself the opportunity to be proactive and plan the rest of your journey toward your degree.

Another great reason to register right when registration opens is that you are guaranteed a seat in the classes you want to take! When students register right away, they secure their classes and don’t have to worry as much about a class being cancelled or full. By deciding on a schedule early, a student can ensures that they get all of the proper prerequisites finished each quarter before moving on to the next. That way, students stay on track to reach their goal of graduation successfully!

A final reason to register early is to ensure that you have enough time to rearrange your schedule outside of class to match up with your class schedule. We all know that student schedules can differ from quarter to quarter, and often times there are things outside of work that have to be adjusted such as work, daycare, transportation, etc. The earlier you register, the earlier you can make sure that those adjustments are made and you are ready for another quarter to begin.

If you still need to register, please see a member of the Education Department. The Minneapolis campus would like to congratulate the 100 students that have already registered this week for winter classes!