Revamped Coaching Center Helps Students During Midterms

What is your initial reaction when you hear the words “midterm week?” Is it panic? Stress? It doesn’t have to be! Midterms are a time for self-assessment and for you to gauge your progress in the courses you are taking. Whether it’s an exam, a paper or a midterm assignment, this milestone of the quarter is an excellent opportunity to either celebrate your successes thus far or realign yourself on a successful track.

Business Program Chair Tom Stoltz assisting a student in the Coaching Center

The Coaching Center at Globe University-Minneapolis, formally the Resource Center, is a great space for students to work on assignments, group projects, or receive tutoring and coaching. Beginning spring term, faculty and program chairs are scheduled for two hour blocks to assist students with everything from APA to searching for internship sites.

Christine Storms, dean of education, explains, “Having the program chairs in the Coaching Center allows students the opportunity and benefit of obtaining help, advice and coaching from all of our resources on campus. Having the program chairs in the Coaching Center not only allows assistance with assignments and material, but also builds relationships among faculty and students.”

The Coaching Center is also a great place to meet with a program chair to discuss scheduling for the upcoming summer term. The Coaching Center has several computers, tables and charging stations for student use. Handouts and guides for iPad and APA assistance are also available for quick reference. Students are strongly encouraged to stop by the Coaching Center to view the faculty schedule, make an appointment, or walk in for help with midterms, scheduling or any other concerns. Students also have the ability to request workshops and trainings to assist with their coursework.

To learn more about Globe University or to schedule a tour of our campus in Minneapolis, call 1-877-303-6060 or request information. Our representatives will gladly answer any questions.