The day the Minneapolis Campus welcomed Jamie Yuccas from WCCO

Globe University-Minneapolis students pose with Jamie Yuccas

As told by the Foundations of Writing II class:

Who doesn’t like to meet someone who anchors the news on TV?  I mean, we all like news – especially the kind that gives us a little gossip or those inspiring stories of courage and change.

On Wednesday, April 25th the Minneapolis Globe campus was graced with the presence of news anchor and TV personality Jamie Yuccas who is from WCCO Channel 4 in the Twin Cities. Jamie was invited to speak to the Foundations of Writing II Class, however, we decided that it would be better to share her wisdom with as many students as possible, so the Composition class joined in as well.

We loved having Jamie speak to us because she has so much wisdom and insight on what it takes to have a successful career – not only in a career but as a person. Jamie didn’t stand up and just lecture but rather she opened up the entire time for interaction with the students.  Jamie is a true testament of what it means to be authentic in a world that says we should be someone else. She has proven that you can truly attain your dreams when you work hard, focus and never give up.

All of us at Globe University-Minneapolis were honored and inspired by Jamie Yuccas. We are excited to have begun a new partnership with someone in the Twin Cities media that will be a resource to our students and beyond.

Thank you Jamie for giving your time and wisdom to all of us!

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