Top Sales Tips that will Boost Your Life and Business

Scott PlumRegardless of our profession, we are selling something.  Sales are a part of our lives and professions and often times the person with the most sales wins!

Recently, Globe University in Minneapolis was grateful to have the President from the Minnesota Sales Institute, Scott Plum, speak to business professionals during the Lunch-and-Learn hosted by the Minneapolis campus.  The Lunch-and-Learn sessions are a way to bring business professionals from downtown Minneapolis to the campus of Globe University and connect them with each other and leaders in the business community.

Scott  Plum has a history of achieving sales goals while encouraging and assisting others to do the same.  He has served as a sales trainer with the Sandler Sales Institute where he created and taught sales training programs to sales and non-sales professionals. He practices his ABC’s by helping attorneys, bankers and CPA’s increase their top line revenue.

As an instructor at the Minnesota Sales Institute, Plum teaches salespeople how to shorten their sales cycle, increase their closing ratio, generate more revenue and get in front of more qualified prospects. He also uncovers the barriers that hold salespeople back from doing what they know they should and stop doing what they know they shouldn’t.

As an instructor at the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, he teaches Realtors how to maximize the results of every engagement with buyers, sellers and others involved in the real estate industry. He helps them define and stay focused on their goals throughout the relationship or transaction.

His interactive training sessions introduce better ways of selling within the participants’ industries, helps them reinforce their new sales behaviors and creates the environment of learning that fosters the acceptance of change and growth.

Scott shared 50 Sales Tips to boost sales – I won’t give them all away in this blog but I will share a few top sales tips that inhibit any sales professional from reaching their full potential:

1.  Take out the trash

  • Our beliefs determine our behaviors
  • Our behaviors determine our results
  • If we are not getting the results we want, we need to change our beliefs

2.  What we think controls how we feel

  • Feelings do not reason, they do not discern and they do not evaluate
  • We can’t get emotionally involved in the process
  • We need to respond and not react
  • Acting on emotions is not always logical

3.  Who we ARE precedes what we DO

  • We are human beings before we are human doings
  • Our greatest strength comes from the courage to be vulnerable
  • We will fail in roles we place, but we should not feel like we fail as a person
  • We should feel we are a 10
  • We can never out perform a negative self image
  • Life plan first, then business plan

4.  Why people fail

  • Don’t have the answers
  • Don’t believe the answers will work
  • Don’t believe they deserve the results
  • Moving outside their comfort zone may be uncomfortable
  • Fear of success and fear of failure can be the same fear

Scott said, “The most important step in the sale process is building respect.”  To learn more about the top 50 Sales Tips for your profession or company, contact Scott at Minnesota Sales Institute or by calling 651.528.6749.

If you would like to join the next Lunch-and-Learn at Globe University in Minneapolis give us a call at 612.455.3000 to find out details.

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