Valerie’s Story: How attending a career fair led to employment

Employers set up info tables to speak with students about employment opportunities with their organization

When Globe University-Minneapolis hosted a career fair two weeks ago, Criminal Justice student Valerie VanHorn took advantage of the benefits of having employers right here on campus. She signed up for mock interviews and came dressed professionally with her résumé in hand.  Valerie also spent time networking with the various employers who came equipped with information about their companies and the job market.

Valerie seized the opportunity to complete two mock interview sessions with employers attending the career fair. During each mock interview, Valerie received feedback from the employer stating her strengths and areas she could work on for future interviews. Both sets of reviews for Valerie’s interviewing skills were outstanding. One of the companies, Securitas, even said they would hire her on the spot!

Valerie VanHorn, a criminal justice student at the Minneapolis campus who was offered a security officer position after attending mock interviews as part of the Legal & Criminal Justice Career Fair

“She determined right away that I was confident,” Valerie said. “She also determined that she could utilize my skills, talents and abilities.” Immediately after the mock interview concluded, the interviewer encouraged Valerie to apply online immediately. The following Monday, Valerie received a call back from Securitas so they could discuss an open security officer position.

After determining that the position’s schedule complemented Valerie’s already busy schedule (class, assignments, student organizations on campus), she accepted the position. Valerie starts her new adventure this week.

Congratulations, Valerie! This is a great example of leveraging the resources around you to reach your dreams. By attending the career fair for a few hours, Valerie was able to land a job that will provide great experience within her field and will help her grow as a criminal justice professional.