Volunteer Opportunity: Avenues for Homeless Youth

On Friday, May 18th, staff from Globe University-Minneapolis spent the day at Avenues for Homeless Youth in Minneapolis assisting with cleaning their facility in preparation for an “Open House” event. The open house event is very important for this organization, because it will provide exposure to the great things that this organization does on a daily basis. We were very excited to be able to help such a wonderful group of people and spending the day with the staff at Avenues for Homeless Youth was an amazing experience that we shall not soon forget.

Avenues for Homeless Youth is an organization that provides temporary housing for homeless youth ages 16-20 while they are in a transition period. While staying in the facility, the staff works to ensure that the needs of the youth are met including meals, shelter and a wealth of other services. The staff members also provide health and wellness care, educational and employment resources, access to case management and independent living skills training. Typically, each youth spends about three months at the facility, but during that time, the staff members place the focus on addressing their needs, building a trusting relationship with adults and focusing on a long-term living situation so they can get their life back on track and have the bright future that they deserve.

Activities that the staff participated in included cleaning the industrial kitchen, sweeping and mopping floors in the entryway and stairways, and ensuring that the community and computer rooms were looking clean for visitors. Globe University-Minneapolis staff also worked outside and cleared the grounds of any trash blown in by the wind, as well as mulched some newly landscaped areas of the property and trimmed some of the existing trees.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for our staff and we truly value our relationship with Avenues for Homeless Youth. We are glad that they were so willing to welcome us into their facility and we were glad we could help them prepare for their Open House on May 23rd.