A Look Back at Minnesota School of Business 60 Years Ago

Minnesota School of Business started back in 1877 in a three-room school house in Minneapolis and has grown, with its sister schools Globe University and Broadview University, to include almost 30 campuses in five different states. Over the years, the mission of the college has remained the same with the goal to give students the necessary skills to be successful in their careers.

Although the mission hasn’t changed, many other things have. Recently, Mark Naumann, a relationship manager at Alerus Financial in Fargo, stumbled upon some old newsletters from Minnesota School of Business after his father, Ron, passed away. Ron attended the school and graduated in 1949. At that time, MSB had many extra-curricular activities including various clubs and sports teams. They even held many dances and social events.

“If was a different time and the social aspect was very important for the post-World War II generation,” Naumann said.

Ron Naumann was heavily involved in campus activities and was a member of the 1949 Minnesota School of Business basketball team that won the City Central League Title. He scored 8 points in a 39-37 victory over the Pioneers to clinch the championship.

“My dad was very proud to have attended Minnesota School of Business,” Naumann added. “He was very active on the men’s basketball team that year (1949) in particular.”

Many of the degrees and programs have changed over the years to meet the demands of employers, but Minnesota School of Business has continued to adapt to the times and provide the necessary skills and outlets for students to become successful while on campus.