Hostage Negotiator Speaks at MSB-Moorhead

Speaking to students at the Minnesota School of Business-Moorhead wasn’t very difficult for Sgt. Mike Detloff of the Moorhead Police Department. Normally, he is dealing with much more intense situations out in the field as a hostage negotiator. Detloff was the lead negotiator when Thomas Fairbanks hid from police after allegedly shooting Deputy Chris Dewey in Mahnomen, Minnesota in February of 2009. Testimony in the trial began August 16th, 2011. Detloff consistently deals with potentially dangerous situations and shared some thoughts with Business Communications students.

Sgt. Mike Detloff Speaks with Business Communications Students at MSB-Moorhead

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” Detloff said. “The key is to remain calm and focused on the situation.”

Students asked a lot of questions related to law enforcement practices and communicating effectively in the business place. “Conflict resolution skills are very important,” Detloff adds. “Body language and really focusing on what people are trying to communicate to you is key.”

Student Danielle Graham was particularly intrigued with the conversation. “I learned how communication is important in all aspects of life,” she said. “It’s important in hostage negotiations and equally important in business negotiations.”