Medical Assisting Students Perform Wellness Checks for Local Fitness Club

(Right to Left) Students Kelly Weidner, Alex Liu, and Celeste Lehman outside of Extreme Measures Fitness Facility in Fargo, ND

Students in the Patient Care Sciences class at the Minnesota School of Business-Moorhead used skills they learned in the classroom and received an opportunity to apply them in the field. The students performed blood pressure checks, pulse, and vital sign testing for women at the Xtreme Measures Fitness Facility in Fargo for a service-learning project.

The students tested over a dozen women that participated in a yoga class. The goal was to gage if there were any significant differences in blood pressure both before and after the class was complete. The readings were relatively normal with the exception of one participant. Students found that her blood pressure was high and recommended that she schedule an appointment with a doctor to determine if more medical care or prescriptions were necessary. The woman was thankful for the feedback and all those in attendance were grateful to have the students there.

When asked if the findings were helpful, Barbara Larkin responded, “Oh heavens, yes! This is great for us.”

Others that received positive feedback from students weren’t surprised, but it was good to hear. “I’m a numbers person so I’m always watching everything closely,” says Kathleen Thompson. “I’m glad to see my blood pressure is right where it should be.”

Students in the Medical Assisting Program that played a part in the service-learning project also gained valuable experience in the field and confidence in their abilities to perform these tasks.

“I enjoyed getting out of the classroom to put some of the skills I’ve learned to use,” says student Kelly Weidner. “It was an enlightening experience to get out in the public.”

“At first, I was stiff and nervous because it was my first time practicing vital signs with strangers,” says student Alex Liu. “This trip improved our skills and boosted our confidence.”