Minnesota School of Business Posts Ninth Place Finish at Chamber of Commerce Corporate Cup!

The MSB 'Unicorns' finished ninth out out of 29 teams at the Chamber of Commerce Corporate Cup.

The Minnesota School of Business-Moorhead gave the competition all it could handle the at the annual Chamber of Commerce ‘Corporate Cup’ event. Staff & faculty competed in a number of different events and finished ninth out of 29 teams in the recreational division.

In the track relay, the team of Alicia Wisnewski, Mike Newcomb, Katie Karn, and Kurtis Karn ran the fifth fastest time of 3:25, earning  the team 300 points.

Academic Coordinator Erik Block paced MSB to a 6th place finish in cycling.

“I thought I was going to get sick after running the 400 meter leg,” said Karn. “Luckily, I was able to finish strong.”

Less than an hour later, five campus representatives participated in cycling. The team of Kristi Leverson, Katie Karn, Mike Newcomb, Brian Shawn, and Erik Block tallied 13.8 miles in a 5-minute span, good enough for sixth place and another 250 points. Block led the team with three-miles overall.

The team of Alicia Wisnewski, Kurtis Karn, Jason Weekley, and Brian Shawn did not finish in the top ten of the Obstacle Course, but still generated 50 points for participation.

Later, Campus Director Erik Engberg earned Team MSB 250 more points after scaling the climbing wall five times in five minutes. After the midway point, MSB was holding down second-place overall with a legitimate shot at winning the overall title.

Campus Director Erik Engberg scales the climbing wall during the Corporate Cup competition.

Next was volleyball. MSB was matched up against Courtyard by Marriott/Hilton Garden Inn. The strong defense of veterinary technology instructor Alicia Wisnewski, along with the superb play at the net by Director of Career Services, Kurtis Karn and student accounts representative, Brian Murphy led to a 27-17 victory.

In basketball, Team MSB faced a stiff test against the competitive team from Bobcat. Brian Shawn, Kurtis Karn, Brian Murphy, Katie Karn, Alicia Wisewski, and Moriah Skrow survived a physical battle and came out on top with a 34-24 win, earning the team another 300 points.

“That took just about everything I had,” Wisnewski said. “I am glad we were able to hang in there and score enough buckets to pull it out.”

In the CEO Challenge, Campus Director Erik Engberg was again charged with the task of representing MSB. the competition was a ‘Minute To Win It’ game of bobbing your head as many times in two minutes as possible. Each representative was wearing an odometer on their heads. Engberg didn’t place in the top ten, but did earn 50 more points for participation.

Team MSB squares off in the Tug of War competition at the Corporate Cup.

“My neck is still hurting from bobbing my head up and down that fast,” Engberg said. “But, it was a fun game and I did my best.”

Finally in Tug of War, MSB was matched up with Choice Financial in the first round and ws eliminated after a hard-fought thirty-second battle. With the 50 points for participation, MSB totaled 1,820 points, good enough for ninth-place in the 29-team field. Houston Engineering took home the overall title with 2,620 points.

Dean of Faculty Melinda Rustad and massage therapy program chair Megan Berg came up with 'Unicorns' as the official team mascot for MSB.

“I am proud of how our team competed,” CCRS Brian Shawn said. “We placed top ten in a lot of events plus won basketball and volleyball.”

“This was so much fun!” Rustad said. “If there was a spirit award, we would have won it going away.”

The campus plans to participate in the fun again next year and continue to show MSB pride!