MSB ‘Kidney Stones’ Show Up In Full Force At Kidney Walk

Team members of the MSB 'Kidney Stones' prepare for their walk at Newman Outdoor Field.

Over 600 people attended the 2012 Kidney Walk at Newman Outdoor Field in Fargo and over $60,000 was raised. It was a gloomy, wet morning, but the rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the Minnesota School of Business ‘Kidney Stones’ team. Thirty people showed up to walk for the team, the largest of any other group at the event.

Medical Assistant Program Chair Meghan Pesch getting interviewed by radio host Christopher Gabriel at the 2012 Kidney Walk

The Kidney Walk is a fun, inspiring community fundraiser that calls attention to the prevention of kidney disease and the need for organ donation. It’s an opportunity for patients, transplant recipients, organ donors, family, friends, groups and businesses to come together to support the millions of people with chronic kidney disease and to spread awareness for those at risk. 26 million people have chronic kidney disease and 90,000 people are waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant.

Dean of Students Dana Bultema getting a hug from Hawkeye, the F-M RedHawks mascot.

Eleven years ago, Medical Assisting Program Chair Meghan Pesch was one of those people waiting for a kidney and received one for a transplant back in 2001. Pesch has gone on to live a normal life and has had very few complications since.

The back of the t-shirts read ‘Rocking & Rolling Since 2001’ and ‘We Support Meghan’. She was interviewed about her experience by WDAY radio host Christopher Gabriel at the event as well.

The ‘Kidney Stones’ raised $900 that will go towards the “End the Wait!” initiative to decrease the wait for a transplant, vital research, education and other public, patient and professional programs and services.

“I want to thank everyone for coming to support me and this event,” Pesch said. “It really means a lot to me.”

Minnesota School of Business was also a supporting sponsor of the Fargo Kidney Walk as well.