MSB-Moorhead Staff Member Publishes First Book

MSB-Moorhead Academic Coordinator Erik Block recently published his first book called "Just Jake".

Most of the time, you’ll find Minnesota School of Business-Moorhead Academic Coordinator Erik Block busy helping students or putting together the campus schedule. But, away from campus, Block spends a lot of time writing. Recently, he published his first book “Just Jake”. It took Block about three years to finish, but he wrote the majority of it in marathon sessions over the course of about 3 or 4 months.

The book is about “Jake”, a 16-year-old teenager that is dealing with some difficult times in his life. His little brother Kyle has cerebral palsy and depends on Jake to help him with almost everything. Jake’s mother is teetering on the edge of insanity and lashes out unexpectedly from time to time. Jake’s alcoholic father doesn’t live with them anymore and has very little contact with the family.

“When I started Jake’s story, I had no idea that it would be a novel,” Block said. “I didn’t know from one page to the next what was going to happen, so it was definitely fun to write.”

Recently, “Just Jake” received a glowing review by Gail Gabrielson in the Fargo Forum newspaper. Gabrielson wrote: “Block’s debut novel has all the right ingredients: a teenager’s angst of fitting in, experimentation with alcohol, and new-found love and hope for the future. He tells the story of a teenager with wit and heart, using keen observation of family dynamics.”

“The review in The Forum was beyond anything I expected,” Block adds. “I was thrilled and humbled, to say the least.”

Now the question is, are there plans for another book?

“Life gets in the way and all, but I’m hoping the day will come that life will be settled down enough that I can concentrate on finishing another one,” Block said.

“Just Jake” can be ordered online at in paperback or kindle editions.