MSB-Moorhead Students Get A Crash Course in Etiquette & Networking

Eide Bailly Director of Training Jason McKeever demonstrates the wrong way to use your napkin during a business lunch.

Making a good first impression is becoming more and more important as the competition for jobs continues to get tougher. Minnesota School of Business students received a crash course in business etiquette and networking from Jason McKeever, the Director of Training and Development at Eide Bailly LLP.

As Eide Bailly’s Director of Training and Development, Jason’s goal is to find innovative, creative ways to grow the competency of the Firm. With this objective, they have developed a blend of traditional and cutting-edge training initiatives and programs for the classroom, online and self study settings. He was kind enough to share many of these ideas and resources with students in Career Development, Accounting, and Business Communications classes.

MSB-Moorhead students practice their hand-shaking skills.

“A bad first impression lasts forever,” says McKeever. “It’s important you remember what is appropriate during business meetings and business meals.”

McKeever spent over an hour instructing students on appropriate topics for conversation, the correct way to shake hands, and also proper etiquette during business luncheons. Students were laughing and learning during the presentation.

“It was a very good eye opener about things we don’t even think about anymore,” student Alli Wensman said.

McKeever mentioned that he would be happy to come back and present to students on campus again in the future.