Paralegal Students as Website Gurus?

paralegal degree, minnesota school of businessStudents in the paralegal club at Minnesota School of Business-Moorhead have attended many events held by the Red River Valley Paralegal Association (RRVPA) to learn more about the paralegal field and network with professionals. However, they noticed that the organization’s website needed some work.

The paralegal club  has taken on several extra projects since the group was kick started a couple years ago. The latest venture includes a partnership with the RRVPA to improve their website.

“We looked at the website and recognized that a lot of the information was not up to date,” said student Marcos Romo. “We decided to take on the project of maintaining the website for them.”

After doing some research and background, students in the ‘PIT Crew’ (Paralegals In Training) found some user-friendly options to update the information and presented it to officers of RRVPA.

“It’s great to have students take on this task for us and it’s so incredibly helpful,” said RRVPA Treasurer, Julie Koppelman. “We really appreciate the students’ efforts and are glad we had this group get the website moving in the right direction again.”

Because of the students’ work on the website, the officers of RRVPA agreed to give them free membership into the organization and an opportunity to learn from those currently working in the paralegal field.

“This is great experience for our students all the way around,” said MSB’s Paralegal Program Chair Stacey Tronson. “Not only do they learn more about operating a website, but they also get the opportunity to work with professionals in the field.”

Many members of RRVPA have also taken interns from Minnesota School of Business. The association was organized in 1981 and has been affiliated with the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. (NALA), since 1983.