12 Habits of Successful Online Students

habits of successful online studentsWe asked, and you responded! Early last week we posted a question to our Globe University and Minnesota School of Business Facebook pages asking for our students’ input on what tips and tricks they use to be successful in the online learning environment, and our pages lit up! Students had so many great tips to share and we’ve complied them into one handy list for everyone to access! Check them out below:

1. Learn to say “No”- Jamie F.

Know your obligations and be ready to (politely) decline on invitations and requests that don’t fit into your schedule.

2. If you’re a parent, learn to work at night during the week -Justin H.

If you have two young children the best time to do homework is after midnight. Energy drinks help too. But seriously just don’t procrastinate and get all assignments out of the way before the weekend so you can enjoy it.”

3.Time management is key – Kayla D.

Having a schedule is so important. It’ll help keep you on track and focused on the week’s assignment.

4. Find a place to study – Jessica F.

Go to the school (or library, or quiet place, etc.) anyway and do your homework. Then you can’t procrastinate.”

5. Post early in the week, find a day off – Mary Jo B.

Get your posts done ASAP. Early on in the week is best and you get to start the chain! Turn all homework in by Saturday night. Keep Sundays free for “life” and school emergencies. You’ll get your grades first too!!”

6. Change the due date in your head – Steve K.

Don’t wait until the last minute or even the last day an assignment is due. Change the due date in your mind to the day before. That way, even if you’re a day late it will be on time. And DON’T get behind! It’s bad for your GPA as you will lose points, and the homework will pile up quick.”

7. Be mindful of your time – Michelle J.G.

“Be very mindful of your time…the week can get away from you quick!!”

8. Get discussions done early – Jason T.

Get the discussions done EARLY!!!” This will give you time to focus on the week’s assignment.

9. Self-discipline & time management – Jason K.

Schedule your work out over the course of the week; this will help keep things from piling up on your weekends.

10. Make a list, cross off as you go. – Brad M.

Write every task down on a list and cross them off so you don’t forget or miss something. I even include discussion and responses and cross them off separately.”

11. Be organized and time management – Jamie M.

Read your Unit’s contents carefully and make sure you understand all components of the assignment.

12. Get stuff done early to avoid technical problems or glitches – Robert P.

“Get into a routine of getting your stuff done early. This way when there are technical difficulties you’re not stressing over lack of time.”


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