3 Transformative Ways the iPad® Will Enhance Your Online Education

iPad, online studentAs most of you probably know by now, Globe University-Online is gearing up to roll-out a transformative digital learning model that will provide each of our students with an iPad®.

What you probably have not heard, though, is exactly what you, as a student, will be doing with said device. So, here are a few key points on how you can expect your current learning model to change and, hopefully, improve!

Streamline Your Studying with Mobility

Online students notoriously have some of the busiest lives outside of their virtual classrooms. The iPad will serve as an ideal companion for those who find themselves away from their home computers more often than not.

Here’s how the iPad can make that busy life a little more efficient:

VitalSource App

This app allows its user to download their e-books directly to the app. From there, you can read on the go, highlight portions of the text you may need to reference later, and add notes to areas of highlighted portions indicating why you feel they’re important.

This app will even allow you to highlight a word and ask the app to define it for you. Finally, no more glossaries or quick Google searches! This will help you stay on task and in the studying frame of mind.

*Bonus feature: Tired of toggling back and forth between screens to reference your e-books and write a paper or discussion board post at the same time? Having your iPad handy will eliminate that by allowing students to reference books and other research materials from the mobile device while they write their assignments on their computer.

Communicate Like a Pro

As much as we’d all like to think we’re amazing communicators, it is inevitable that some things will be lost in translation and/or misinterpreted through simple written communication. However, by downloading the popular app Skype, students will be able to have face-to-face, one-on-one chats with their instructors.


If you have a group project coming up and need to gather your group members for a brainstorming session, using Google Hangouts is definitely the way to go. Similar to the Skype app, your iPad will allow you to video conference yourself in to a Google Hangout. From there, your team can strategize and brainstorm how you want to approach your upcoming project.

Introverts, don’t worry, Google has you covered. This app also allows its users to set up a standard avatar photo that won’t show your face during the interaction, just your voice.

Just think: these apps are all just scratching the surface for ways your iPad will add mobility and efficiency to your work as an online student. If you have an app or idea for how you will be using your iPad, please share them in the comments below!