4 Questions for Recruiters: A View from the Other Side of the Table

Globe University Online, career services

(From left) Director of Career Services Lesley Farnham, Kelly Services Recruiter Andrea Nelson, Aerotek Recruiter Liz Holman, Associate Director of Career Services Aimee Fitzgerald, and Aerotek Recruiter Kurtez Ellis. Not Pictured, CBRE Recruiter- Londa Beachem.

Have you ever wondered what the person interviewing you is thinking? What do they mean when they ask, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” How do I make myself and my resume stand out in a fully automated online application world?

Well, the Globe University-Online career services team invited four recruiters from Kelly Services, Aerotek, and CBRE to participate in a panel that tackled these questions.

As a current student or recent graduate, finding that perfect position can be cumbersome and time consuming. Thanks to the tips and tricks provided by our recruiter panel, we were able to get an inside peek at what the interviewer or potential employer is looking for in a good candidate!

Q: It’s been 5 years since I’ve gone through the job search process. What has changed in that time?

A: Automation. Nearly every business or company has a job application process that takes place online. Therefore, it’s important to make yourself stand out in the crowd. You can do this by taking the extra time to research and find the hiring manager’s name to send them a personalized email or phone call that will provide them with a brief introduction to you as a candidate. You can also try to find them on LinkedIn and reach out that way!

Q: How do I find a job that fits with my experience and education?

A: Understanding what you WANT to do is crucial. Take some time to sit down and think about specific industries or positions that appeal to you the most. Then, working off of that information start utilizing your resources such as career services and staffing agencies. Having a different set of eyes on your resume or someone to brainstorm with is truly a value-added process.

Q: Experience before education, or vice versa: Helpful or hindrance?

A: In the case of having experience before completing your education, recruiters suggested putting your graduation date on your resume. This can be helpful in the sense that it will let your recruiter see that you are working on your education, and that you have the most up-to-date training and skill sets in that area.

As a new graduate without the work experience, recruiters unanimously said one thing: INTERNSHIPS. The value and experience an internship provides will show your interviewer you took the time to develop yourself professionally. Not to mention, 7 out of 10 interns will receive a full-time job offer after completing an internship.

Q: What does it take to stand out when submitting an application online?

A: One of the key factors recruiters cited in standing out online is to keep your resume simple. Oftentimes application systems cannot read symbols and various texts. Keep your resume flare down when applying online; this will ensure your application at least gets viewed by hiring managers.