5 Resources to Help You Manage Your Online Education

Your Campus Connect portal is home to the resources that’ll help you manage your Online education.

Being an Online student can come with some unique challenges, especially if you’re a first time college student with no previous experience of attending classes in an online environment. Thankfully, Globe University-Online has developed several helpful resources for our students that were designed to help them effectively manage their education, from top to bottom.

For Online students, the online student portal, Campus Connect, is their lifeline to being part of the campus community, making it a vital tool. Campus Connect is home to each of the following resources which provide students with an easy one-stop shop experience.

  1. Courses

The courses tab inside of Campus Connect is probably the single most important resource you’ll need as a student. This tab is where you’ll access each of your online courses. This is also where you’ll complete discussion boards, submit homework assignments, or find contact and biographical information about your instructors.

  1. Student Email

Some of the most successful Online students use their student email on a daily basis. Yep, I said it, daily. The logic behind this is simple; student email is your direct connection to your classes. This is typically where students find communication from their instructors about important course or assignment updates.

In addition to receiving communication from instructors, your student email will also keep you up-to-date on important deadlines such as course registration and information regarding your financial aid status.

3.   My Accounts

globe university onlineAgain, this is a tab located inside the Campus Connect portal, although it’s often overlooked by most students. The ‘My Accounts’ tab is essential to the effective management of your education. Within the ‘My Accounts’ tab you’ll find important resources such as:

–          Class Schedules (past and future)

–          Final Grades and GPA

–          Changing your login password and/or mailing address

–          Making online payments or viewing your account’s credits and balance information

  1. My Career

This resource is unique in the sense that it allows students (employed or not) to easily search for jobs in their area. It also provides helpful insights on creating outstanding resumes and cover letters. Virtually anything a student needs to know about finding a career in their desired field can be found here, including the contact information for their own personal career services coordinator.

  1. Online Library

While it seems pretty self-explanatory on why this is an essential resource for students, I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the additional features that our students may not be aware of. For instance, the Globe University-Online Library has the functionality to create automatic APA style citations for you without the hassle of wondering whether your comma or period is in the right place. Also available within the library is the “Ask a Librarian” function. This allows students to chat directly with one of our librarians who can help you navigate the library site or find academic resources as you conduct research.


For more information on resources that are available to Online students, visit us on the web here.