A Better Understanding of Service Learning

Applied Learning is an integral part of your education at our schools.  Applied learning can be defined as taking the knowledge learned in a traditional or online classroom and implementing that knowledge.  Much confusion exists about Applied Learning and Service Learning; students can think of Applied Learning as an umbrella with the spokes of the umbrella being classroom applications, service learning, global applications and workplace applications.  In other words, many different types of learning comprise Applied Learning.

A Classroom Application is the utilization of simulations, labs and other active learning activities in our classrooms.  Many classroom applications are encouraged through teamwork and group projects.

Most of the students at our schools are familiar with Service Learning or the opportunity that exists for students to partner with organizations to give back to the community while participating in one of our classes.  Service Learning is a unique style of learning that often allows for students to apply classroom concepts while helping an organization in their community.  Service Learning provides students with a civic and social learning experience.

Global Applications are when students have the opportunity to travel abroad.  International travel helps students to observe other cultures, customs and build upon the education that they have received in our online classrooms.  Students can also work with international groups and peers to expand your global knowledge.

Workplace Applications is applying the information learned in a course to your workplace.  This application allows students to bring the material to “life” and see the similarities between theory and practice.  Workplace application provides students with a real-world experience that is great for your resume.

If you have questions about Service Learning, your instructor as well as the online division Service Learning Coordinator is available to help you.  The Service Learning Coordinator is Jacinda Miller and she can be reached at jacindamiller@msbcollege.edu.  If you would like to share your Applied Learning project, please also contact us!  Students love to “hear” about what other students are doing in their classes and workplaces.