‘A’ Grade Paper Pays Off

Globe University Online

Dorothy Miller

At Globe University, students are rewarded for their academic excellence.

Each quarter, Globe University’s Online Library runs a contest to determine the best research paper out of all the student papers that received an ‘A’ grade. The winner of the Globe University Online Research Award Contest for Winter 2013 is Dorothy Miller, who is earning a paralegal degree. Dorothy won a $100 Amazon.com gift card! Read Dorothy’s research story below for insight on how award-winning research is conducted:

“For a paralegal who wants to specialize in criminal law, Miranda is an important and fascinating case. I became interested in looking at its history as part of my Criminal Law class. My approach to the research was to focus on the rooting of Miranda in the Fifth and Sixth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. I started by using the resources at the Online Library. I ran a search for Miranda and came up with many choices. This helped me put together an outline of the general topics I wanted to cover in my essay. After reviewing some of the resources from my generalized search, I narrowed the search to include the Fifth and Sixth Amendments as well. This led me to a book that really dealt specifically with my topic, called Miranda Revisited by Frank Schmalleger. In addition, my class textbook was a fantastic resource. It included a more generalized history of Miranda. Finally, I used Westlaw to read the cases and amendments in full. Even though the text of the amendments is available on the Web, I like using Westlaw as a resource because it provides analysis and historical prospective for each piece of law.”

Do you think you have what it takes to become a research award winner? Check out Dorothy’s paper online and enter the Online Research Award Contest for Spring 2013!