Annual Survey

seth-tesdallCongratulations again on the start of Fall quarter and we hope that everything is going very well for all of you.  Every year at this time, we like to ask each student for some very important feedback on all aspects of our online education programs.  We understand that surveys take time and we sincerely appreciate the time you take to give us helpful feedback.  Keep in mind, all of your comments are completely confidential and they are critical in helping us improve our services across each department as well as improving the entire online learning experience.

 To complete the survey, please follow the four steps outlined below:


1. Click On your Online Division Survey

  •  GU Online Annual Survey
  •  MSB Online Annual Survey

2. Select your Home Online Division

  •  GU Online Division, MN
  •  MSB Online Division, MN

3. Select Your Program via the Drop Down Menu

4. Complete the Annual Survey


Thank you again for your time and good luck the rest of the quarter!