Assistance Available to you Through Career Services

Are you looking for a new opportunity or promotion within your current position?  Whether you are a new student or upcoming graduate, the Career Services Department is here to help!  Your advisor can assist you with resume/cover letter feedback, mock interviews, job leads, training sessions, career fair information and more.  If you are interested in obtaining career assistance, get in touch with your Career Services Advisor today!  Your advisor is determined based on your program; please see below for contact information.

Svea Straus – Business (BAA, AAS BA, AAS TB, AAS CB, AAS S&M, BS BA, BS BM, & BS MB) or 612-455-4749

Christine Kleckner – Accounting, Paralegal & Criminal Justice (ACCT, AAS MA, AAS ATS, BS ACT, CJ, AAS PL, BS PL, & CPL) or 612-455-4758

Lesley Farnham – Health Care Management, Health Fitness & IT (BS HCM, AAS HF, BS HF, AAS IT & BS IT) or 612-455-4753

We hope to hear from you soon!