Career Service Contacts

First off, the Career Services Department would like to welcome all new and returning students to the start of a new quarter! As a reminder, the Career Services team has many resources to offer in order to assist you with your job search. We provide assistance with resume/cover letter feedback, mock interviews, job leads, training sessions, and more! Contact your Career Services Advisor today to learn more!

In addition, we have added a few new faces to the Online Career Services team. There are now four members of the Online Career Services Department, and each member will be advising specific programs. Staff contact information and assigned programs are as follows:

Lesley Farnham, Director of Career Services     612-455-4753

  • Master’s of Business Administration
  • Master’s of Science in Management

Christine Kleckner, Associate Director of Career Services     612-455-4758

  • Undergraduate Accounting Programs and Undergraduate Paralegal Degree and Certificate

Aimee Fitzgerald, Career Services Coordinator   612-455-4749

  • Undergraduate Business Programs

Sarah Loe, Career Services Coordinator   612-455-4780

  • Undergraduate Programs of Health Care Management, Health Fitness Specialist, Information Technology, and Criminal Justice

Please feel free to contact your Career Services Advisor today for career assistance!