Congratulations to Rochelle who has won the research award contest from Spring 2012 quarter!

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Here’s Rochelle’s research Story:

My passion for needing to start Stepping Stones Recovery Center comes from the depths of my heart.  Eight years ago I almost lost my life to addiction, but by the grace of my Higher Power and the help of one wonderful chemical health counselor, I was able to get my life back.  For the past 7 years I have worked in many treatment centers and have discovered how unsuccessful many of them are.  I see many changes that need to be made, but because of time restraints, the changes do not happen.  When I see an addict/alcoholic, I see a unhealthy, unhappy, love starved person.  My approach to treatment is more emotional based than the typical, structured, book regimen.  I know I will always dedicate my life to the struggling addict/alcoholic and if I can save just one person, my goal has been accomplished.  The Online Library helped me find very informative articles on addiction and the struggles the state of Minnesota has had on success rates.  Without the Online
Library I would never have been able to look back as far as 50 years ago to see the addiction progression.  The library fully enhanced my knowledge of addiction statistics and gave me great inspiration as to where I see my future business.

Over the past four years I have dedicated my mind and my time to Minnesota School of Business.  I have enjoyed my time with this school and know I made the best decision to get my education from such a wonderful institution.  The area of the school which helped me in my success was the Online Library.  Without this wonderful tool I would never have found all my sources for my many research projects.  Each time I had a research project, the first place I turned to was the Online Library.  With the hundreds of databases, articles, journals, and books I was never at a loss for information.  The search engines made it simple to find what I
needed and when all else failed there was always a wonderful librarian to speak to and walk me through anything I needed.  I owe most of my research success to the Online Library and the librarians that run it.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and giving me the resources to succeed.