Connecting with Your Online Classmates Just Got Easier with My Blackboard

As a Globe University-Online student, forming relationships with your virtual peers can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around. However, thanks to the updates made in your Campus Connect portal, you can now easily connect and even see pictures of your fellow students, much like a Facebook or LinkedIn profile!

The My Blackboard feature can be accessed by clicking your name at the top right of your Campus Connect home screen.

When asked what she liked most about the new My Blackboard option, Online division Career Services Coordinator Katy Peper responded, “The biggest thing I’ve noticed with the upgrade to My Blackboard is your picture shows up in the class. I love that the pictures pop up next to a student’s discussion post as you immediately associate the post with the picture instead of just a name. From what I’ve seen, it helps students remember that an actual person posted the discussion.”

My Blackboard is also a great way to network with others, as the Online Director of Career Services, Lesley Farnham points out, “Building connections with classmates and instructors may take more effort in an online class setting, but it is no less important than when you are in a physical classroom. Using your My Blackboard profile is another way to share more about yourself with your classmates and instructors to help strengthen your connection to them. One day you may find yourself wanting to use a classmate from a group project or instructor as a reference, so the more you can do to connect with them while in school the better.”  

Here are a few simple steps to get your profile started:

1. Log into your CampusConnect portal

2. Navigate to the top right of your screen where you’ll see your name and an arrow. Click the arrow.

3. Next you’ll see a drop down menu with the following options:

– BB Home– This is the area you can access a full overview of any upcoming assignments or recently graded assignments.

My Blackboard allows students to easily access all of their grades, notifications, discussions, etc. in one place.

– Posts– This page displays the latest posts in the courses you are enrolled in. For example, you can see when a classmate submits a discussion post in your course.

– Updates– Here you can review a list of notifications from instructors, classmates, and recently graded assignments.

– Grades– Review all of your graded work including your instructor’s personalized feedback, in one easily accessible area.

– Calendar– Here you can import all of the due dates for upcoming assignments as well as receive notifications for when you should begin working on them.

– People– This is where it gets fun. In this area you can see the profiles of other students who are in your current classes or connect with classmates from your previous courses. You can even connect with students outside of your degree program for additional networking opportunities!   

Want to try making a connection? Search ‘Serena Franken’ under the People tab and connect with me!

– Messages– Here you can send private messages to your classmates or other people you’ve put into your network.

– Spaces– In this section of the app you can create your own groups that relate to your own interests. For example, you can create a study group, work on group projects, and even connect with other students in your degree program.

4. Lastly, to upload/edit your profile’s picture, click on the area over the grey avatar. This will allow you to connect other social channels you have, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even add a short description about yourself and your program. This is also the area you’ll use to set your privacy preferences.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot! It takes a few short minutes to set up your profile and you can start connecting immediately! In fact, if you want to try making your first connection, simply search ‘Serena Franken’ in the People tab, I’d love to hear from you, the students!